What we do

We empower Luxury Brands to optimize value by providing data-driven answers enabling brand growth

Our Framework

A delicate balance is needed to maintain short-term growth while maximizing brand value in the long-term

Short Term


Value Creation

Value Protection

Value Retention

Your brand’s power to create newvalue to consumers through your products and activations
The need to control sales channels to maximize brand equity
Your ability to elevate your brand reputation by maximizing your products’ retained value
COMPASS - Value Creation

Cross-Platform Online Metrics for Performance Analysis at Speed and Scale


against your competitors, across channels


and opportunities to prioritize


at speed



Track high level KPIs across marketing and ecommerce
understand the evolution of revenue from the product level up to the brand level
Track individual product performance
track relevant categories and compare against competition
track pricing including listings, units sold and revenue generated across price brackets
compare and contrast discounting strategies on ecommerce
assess key marketing indicators, such as engagements, across the most important social platforms
Track your share of voice against competition across key channels

Smart Product Extraction and Classification Through Robust and Unique Machine-Learning


To ensure the monitoring of all relevant listings across platforms


To match multiple listings to each single product via our Machine-Learning Product Matching Algorithm


With insights at brand, platform, reseller and product level



Track the merchandising breakdown of your brands' products across grey market channels
uncover the origin of products being sent over grey market channels
consolidate insights around the discount potential of your brands' products on grey market channels
look deeper into each channel and understand what products are driving consumer interest

Exploring the long-term value of products across the pre-owned market in China

When purchasing a luxury product, consumers want to know that their investment will stand the test of time.

Decisions can be made onthe basis of whether a consumer can expect to lose, maintain or even increase their initial investment after a period of time.

Understanding your products value retention is the first step to being able to influence initial purchase intention.



track the number of pre-owned listings of your brands' products across key pre-owned platforms
Check pre-owned listings at a product level to uncover interesting offerings
Each product has its own analysis page for deeper analysis
What makes us different

We Focus on the Luxury Industry

We have a deep understanding of the intrinsic challenges of the category, and our offering is fully tailored to match the specific needs and requirements of luxury brands in Chinese market.

We Take a Local and Global Approach

We generate growth opportunities in China, with a global edge, driving value in Chinese market while helping to inform, empower, and align with global teams.

We Work at China Speed

To gain a competitive edge in this hyper competitive market it is imperative to move at speed and with efficiency. Our offering delivers initial results in just few weeks while building compounded value aligned with brands’ long-term strategy.