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Tourism Resumption for Chinese Travellers

We dive into RED/XHS as a source of directional insights to understand the dynamic changes of Chinese consumers' travel prefences from the end of 2022 up until April 2023
May 8, 2023

The ReHub COMPASS Index Q1 2023

We utilize our COMPASS tool to create an index of brand digital marketing performance in Q1 2023 in China
May 8, 2023
China Luxury

Luxury on DeWu: The Big 5 Top 5

In the run up to our full DeWu whitepaper release, see the top five products from the big five luxury brands and what it can tell us
March 3, 2023
China Luxury

Tiffany And Nike collaboration: translating data into strategy

February 13, 2023
China Luxury

Rising Prices Hit Top Luxury in China

As luxury products' prices continue to rise, what are the different price increase strategies that major luxury brands use in China? We used insights generated from COMPASS to analyze price increases among selected luxury brands in 2022, identifying price increases among brand's portfolios and looking at top performing handbags price evolution throughout the year.
December 12, 2022

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