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Tourism Resumption for Chinese Travellers

We dive into RED/XHS as a source of directional insights to understand the dynamic changes of Chinese consumers' travel prefences from the end of 2022 up until April 2023
May 8, 2023
China Luxury

Luxury on DeWu: The Big 5 Top 5

In the run up to our full DeWu whitepaper release, see the top five products from the big five luxury brands and what it can tell us
March 3, 2023
China Luxury

Is DeWu (Poizon) siphoning luxury sales in China?

DeWu (得物) / Poizon, an ecommerce platform originally for sneakerheads, is becoming a popular a destination for GenZ consumers in China to discover and buy luxury products. While their consumer base profile aroused the interest of luxury brands, the presence of heavily discounted products also brings some concerns on brand image and cannibalization to direct channels. In our initial analysis of luxury products on DeWu, we look at the performance of 4 luxury sneakers (Balenciaga, Gucci, Saint-Laurent and Burberry) compared to their TMall flagship stores.
October 11, 2022