6.18 Shopping Festival - Luxury Brand Performance on TMall

The 6.18 shopping festival in China is the second largest online shopping event (after singles day / 11.11) that takes place annually. The festival was first created by JD.com, one of China's largest e-commerce platforms, in 2010 to celebrate their anniversary. Since then, many other platforms also join in the festivities.

The festival is a popular time for new product launches, and many brands offer exclusive deals during this period. In recent years, the 618 festival has become an important way for e-commerce companies to boost sales and promote their brands in China.

Within luxury, it is often the more premium side of the pricing spectrum that plays a heavier role during 6.18 – with many of the higher priced brands taking a more back seat role.

Using COMPASS (Cross-platform Online Metric Performance Analysis at Scale and Speed) we extracted the performance of luxury and premium brands, diving deep into products to understand what trends can help us understand the dynamics of the festival.

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