China on the Pulse of Beauty

Decoding The Latest 2021 Trends of a Buoyant and Dynamic China Beauty Market

Winning in the China beauty market in 2021, now valued at over ¥300 billion, requires quick decisions and a constant finger on the pulse.

In 2021, Chinese consumers are confident, savvy and also increasingly enamoured with pioneering domestic beauty brands, that are taking market-share from overseas rivals by taking risks and creating engaging digital experiences.

Re-Hub partnered with Chinese creative agency, iBlue, to to put together this three-part trends report, in which readers will learn:


China Pride: Find out about China's young patriotic super-consumers and the guochao trend

Crossover IP: Joint-collaboration crossovers of IP between two brands generated $14.5 million in sales revenue in 2020

Limited Editions: Win-over consumers obsessed with uniqueness through limited-edition products


Private Traffic: Reach Out to your target audience in the most precise and cost-efficient way

Social E-Commerce: Social E-Commerce helps brands expand their online reach

Cross-Border E-Commerce: A Stepping stone to full E-Commerce, providing lower-cost access to the China market.


Livestreaming in the New Era: A marketing, sales, and entertainment tool all in one.

New Beauty Retail: Creating immersive and fun experiences

Service Upgrade: Personalized services backed by big data

Download 'China on the Pulse of Beauty',a new 52 page deep-dive into the latest trends and developments in the China beauty market.

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