COMPASS Index Q1 2024 - Watch and Jewelry

Presenting the COMPASS Index Q1 2024 is Watch and Jewelry.

This list includes brands which have a heritage of Watch and Jewelry sales, and therefore brands such as Chanel and Louis Vuitton are included in Fashion and Leather goods instead of here.

Cartier takes the overall top spot for the first time since we calculated our index. The first quarter was full of activations surrounding the 100th anniversary of their Trinity collection – the brand leveraged a multitude of influencers including Jackson Wang to drive significant engagement in the market.

Qeelin rose from 16th to 7th in this quarter, signifying the first time a Chinese brand in either ranking has broken into the top 10. Its success is due in large part to the partnering with Zhang Yixin, but it also had some strong activations centered around its dragon boat parade in Guilin during CNY.

Zenith presents somewhat a return to form after slipping down to 26th place in Q4 2023, rising to 17th overall in Q1 2024. The brand leveraged its on-going relationship with luxury influence powerhouse Xiao Zhang to drive engagement during the quarter.

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