Daigou Index-An AI Study Into the China Daigou Market for Luxury Handbags

What is the impact of the China daigou market on luxury handbag brands?

Daigou, the grey market for luxury goods that exists on Chinese E-Commerce, is valued annually at around ¥400 billion RMB( $57 billion USD). Daigou can cause chaos for a brand's reputation and customer experience, by not following brand guidelines. Moreover, they can disturb brands top line if they sell significantly lower than standard pricing.

The constant question for luxury brands is how to deal with this problem. Every year, luxury brands spend vast amounts of money using law firms to manually locate and deal with unlicensed sellers of their products.

Re-Hub teamed with brand intelligence startup Simply Brand for this report studying the impact of daigou on luxury brands in China. They leveraged AI and Machine Learning algorithms to automatically detect and assess merchants selling selected brands’ handbags on Taobao between August 1st to September 30th, 2020.

Download This Report to Find Out:

● How much does daigou pricing for handbags impact luxury brands? How does the pricing of daigou compare to brand's official pricing?

●Which luxury handbags brands are most popular to be sold by China daigou?

●What is the size of luxury handbag daigou operations in China? What is the ratio of large professional organizations to small-scale operations?

●Where are luxury handbag daigou based? What percentage are located in China and overseas? In which countries are overseas daigou?

●What can luxury handbag brands do to best tackle the daigou issue?

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