Decoding Luxury Marketing Milestones in China: 520

How do luxury brands activate from both a marketing and e-commerce perspective around major Chinese marketing milestones? We decode Chinese Valentine's Day or "520" in this report

The phrase “520” is derived from an internet expression similar to “I love you,” said phonetically in Chinese and in the early twenty-first century, local social media sites (such as Renren) encouraged users to declare their love to others on this day. Over time, May 20th has become an opportunity for people to express their affection for their loved ones, whether with a simple declaration, a classic Valentine’s Day gift (such as flowers and chocolates), or in a more traditional Chinese way, by giving a red envelope. Of course, over time, many Chinese consumers started opting to purchase luxury items to demonstrate their affection.

In this paper, Re-Hub has teamed up with DLG (Digital Luxury Group) and we will examine the e-commerce and social performance of luxury and premium brands on Tmall and key social media during the 520 festival of 2023, as well as how brands may optimise their asset, planning, and channel strategies to maximise their effort around this festival.

The scope of this study has been developed to include a representative sample of luxury and premium brands across Fashion, Watches and Jewellery to demonstrate how these brands are faring on major Chinese e-commerce and social platform during 520. It also takes into consideration brand presence on the platform, and activity levels, with outliers excluded from the sample.

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