Decoding Luxury Marketing Milestones in China: Lunar New Year

In the next episode of our collaboration with DLG (Digital Luxury Group) – we present:

Decoding Luxury Marketing Milestone in China: Lunar New Year

Our report looks into the brands that leverage the milestone as a key driver of brand equity building in China.

As you can imagine, not all campaigns and/or strategies are created equal – some brands capture hearts and minds with a blend of digital, OOH, influencer, and experiential touchpoints, coupled with new capsule releases that tie into the themes of the overall period. However, some brands (either strategically or through missing the mark) are not able to stimulate the market to the same level.

To find out more about the brands that fall into either over- or under- performing during the previous lunar new year, complete with case studies from last year and this year our 44-page report is available today.

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