DeWu - the Crossroads of Chinese GenZ and Luxury Brands

DeWu is one of the hottest up and coming eCommerce platforms in China and luxury brands are starting to take notice. What sets the platform apart is its’ large GenZ user base – which are an incredibly attractive audience for luxury brands in China.

However, DeWu is also representative of another side of China that is less favorable to luxury brands – the Grey Market – cross-border eCommerce that offers consumers the chance to access products from two angles:

- The angle of exclusivity – past seasons products, products that require a waiting list in China, products that are out of stock in China or products that are not sold in China

- The angle of availability – products at cheaper prices due to price arbitrage, tax refunds, currency exchange fluctuations and/or possible further discounts from channels such as department stores

In this report Re-Hub looks at a set of ten representative luxury brands and their associated performance on DeWu from a brand, category, subcategory, and product perspective. In turn extracting key insights as to what brand performance on the platform can tell us.

Brands moving forward have the opportunity to use the platform as a source of GenZ inspiration for their portfolios and in some cases, brands will want to be able to partner with the platform to acquire the highly coveted user base.

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