Digital Luxury Servicescapes: An Omnichannel Approach to Winning Luxury Consumers in China

How can luxury brands in China serve and delight customers in the digital age?

China has become the most digitally advanced retail market in the world, but the luxury sector has been slow in adapting to the whims of this rapidly changing market. The luxury customer journey in China is far more complex than the rest of the world, with consumers requiring on average 14 touchpoints before making a purchase, and 60% of those are digital.  

Luxury retail was built on creating memorable experiences its clientele, shaped in the most part by impeccable and personalized service. Re-Hub posit that recent advances in technology and data in China have made it possible for luxury brands to not only recreate these experiences but extend them to a greater number of customers.

In this white paper you will learn:

  • What are the current challenges and opportunities for luxury brands in China?  
  • What are the expectations of China’s digitally savvy young consumers?  
  • How can brands harness WeChat to build a comprehensive profile of their clients?  
  • Why are offline touchpoints as crucial as ever in the luxury customer journey?  
  • How can luxury brands use data and technology to empowersales advisors to better serve clients?  
  • What are the key technologies that can help luxury brands build a personalized omnichannel retail experience for customers?

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