Uncovering the Key Drivers of Consumer Satisfaction in the Snack Category in China

Most brands in China have a wealth of consumer opinion data at their disposal, but lack either the right partners, tools or internal capabilities to analyze this data for insights that can actually benefit their business.

In this study, Re-Hub in conjunction with Kantar leveraged Revuze NLP capabilities to analyze over 400,000 consumer reviews of snack products on Chinese eCommerce platforms and automatically extract what are the aspects that consumers mention and its related sentiment.

In this white paper you will learn:

  • What are the key drivers for customer satisfaction in the snacks category in China?
  • How can snack brands in China ensure a positive experience from consumers with their products?
  • What sentiments drive positive experience with snack products in China
  • What sentiments drive negative experience with snack products in China?
  • Who are the best performing brands and products in the snack category in China in terms of customer satisfaction?

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