The Daigou Index 2.0

Introducing The Daigou Index 2.0

The Daigou market in China represents an estimated $81B USD problem. Since 2019 we estimate the market has grown over 40% and has seen an increase in the levels of professionalization, as well as more platforms emerging serving the growing market.

Your typical Daigou now is more than likely a large organization with significant buying power rather than your average Chinese international student making a bit extra on the side.

However, brands are not always aware of the scale and dynamics that sit behind this side of the grey market in China and in this paper, we aim to highlight, using a single month in 2023, the size and complexity of addressing the biggest potential threat to luxury brands in the next five years.

Download our report today to uncover the insights and help you understand the job to be done to tackle the issue.


Introducing Re-Hub’s new proprietary tool – SPECTRUM:

Smart Product Extraction and Classification Through Robust and Unique Machine-Learning

SPECTRUM helps brands to identify the full range of products sold across the most important ecommerce platforms in China – accounting for listings that are authorized and unauthorized. Our approach uses the official brands’ product information as a source of truth for our machine learning algorithms, that then compares all the information provided in the listing information of a given product. This matches the product on sale to the actual brand product, creating meta products – the combined presence of a given product across ecommerce. This gives the breakdown of sales across each of the platforms for a specific SKU.

The platform tracks key eCommerce platforms including Taobao, DeWu, and Douyin and consolidates the learnings at a brand, category, and product level in clear, easy-to-use, dashboards that can be extracted for monthly monitoring of the situation. In addition to revealing potential sources of grey market goods, the platform can be further used to identify opportunities to optimize merchandising assortment to further increase revenue potential in the Chinese market.

Example Dashboards

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