An In-Depth Analysis of the Ultra High-End Luxury Price Segment (50,000+ RMB)

In Re-Hub’s second report on high-end luxury e-commerce in China, we take a deeper look into the top-tier of luxury items sold one-commerce marketplaces. Ultra High-end luxury, defined as items costing 50,000 RMB and above, is a nascent but thriving segment on TMall, dominated by watches and jewellery brands. We leverage our proprietary data analysis technology to help brands understand the growth opportunities at this stratum of digital luxury retail.

Download the full report to discover:

The most successful brands in terms of selling Ultra High-end luxury products online

While many brands are competitive at these top price-points,just two brands command 56% of the sales for watches and jewellery priced above 50,000 RMB on TMall.

The top selling luxury jewellery and watches priced over 50,000 RMB on TMall

This category is dominated by a few top-selling hero products that account for most of the jewellery and watch products sold at the 50,000+ RMB price point. For the leading brands, 50-70% of their Ultra High-end luxury sales come from just three SKU’s.

Merchandising strategies utilised by market leaders at 50,000+ RMB price points

Re-Hub dissects the merchandising strategies leveraged by the two leading brands in terms of selling Ultra High-end luxury products online.While both brands are successful, they employ divergent approaches when composing their product portfolio.

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