The Month in Luxury - A Review of October 2022

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Dr. Thomas Piachaud
November 8, 2022

Brand heat index

We use a combination of search (WeChat, Weibo, and Baidu) and social media content engagement (WeChat, Weibo, XiaoHongShu and Douyin) for both Brand Generated and User Generated content, all for over 170 luxury brands in China to create our Brand Heat Index.

It measures brands that have caused a stir in the past month and a brief overview of how they drove interest and excitement from consumers. We show here the top 5 risers in brand heat for the month of October (vs. September).

Lanvin 2023 SS Collection Fashion Show took place in early October with livestream available for Chinese audience. With Lanvin’s latest products (incl. FW collection, 155 PENCIL BOX bag, CURB sneakers), celebrity 高卿尘 was featured by VW magazine, 唐诗逸 was featured by ELLE, 庆怜 was featured by StarShow. Other celebrities including 罗一舟, 王琳凯, 李承铉, 张靓颖, 郭晓婷, 魏大勋, 殷桃, 倪虹洁, 肖雨, etc. have all showed endorsements to the brand through their OOTDs. However the one celebrity who truly pushed the brand to the hot spot last month is actor 成毅, who was announced to be Lanvin’s new spokesperson. 成毅 also showcased Lanvin 2022 FW collection and the 155 PENCIL BOX bag in magazine Esquire·fine. As for the promotion of T-Mall Double 11, Lanvin chose to feature the CURB sneakers.

Since Dior 2023 SS Collection Fashion Show, Dior has been actively promoting the line, inviting brand ambassador 刘雨昕 and brand friend 周也 to showcase different items. Meanwhile, Dior 2022 Winter Collection was also endorsed by other celebrities including 董又霖 and brand ambassador 陈飞宇 who was featured in magazine BAZAAR Men. It is noticeable that Dior recently launched a limited-edition Skiing Collection, showcased by brand ambassador 韩东君,  in collaboration with sportswear brands including POC, AK SKI and DESCENTE. A few other newly launched items were also featured in October: Dior 30 Montaigne bags and LA D DE DIOR all-black watches were showcased by brand ambassador 王子文 and 夏梦.

In October, Hogan invited a list of celebrities, including 田鸿杰, 何超莲, 刘恋, 范丞丞, 徐梦桃, 齐溪, 米卡, 张云龙, 孔雪儿, 黄杨钿甜, to showcase the newly launched H629 and H619 shoes from Hogan 2022 FW Collection, while the H580 sneakers were showcased by 龚俊 the brand’s global ambassador. Hogan also launched the HOGAN×龚俊 special-edition sneakers which were designed by 龚俊 himself. This was featured by magazine COSMO.

Breitling released 150 pieces of the Chronomat B01 Watch 42 in silver with Diver Pro rubber band and invited brand friend and actor 张云龙 to showcase the watch. It is available for purchase since the T-Mall Double 11 Pre-sales. Despite the moderate sales performance of the watch, 张云龙 with his influence has though generated a lot of engagements to Breitling’s social media.

Saint Laurent’s 2023 Spring Collection Women Fashion Show in Paris has attracted numerous celebrities including Rosé, 窦靖童, Hailey Bieber, Kate Moss, Zoë Kravitz, Anja Rubik. The brand also collaborated with 窦靖童 to produce a documentary on the her trip to the show in Paris. Outside the event, celebrities show their endorsements to the brand as usual: ICare tote bag was showcased by 窦靖童; Niki shoulder bags was showcased by Rosé and 薛昊婧; Puffer shoulder bag was showcased by 加奈那; Manhattan pouch was showcased by蒋梦婕.

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