The ReHub COMPASS Index Q1 2023

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Thomas Piachaud
May 8, 2023

The Lyst Index for Q1 2023 was released last month, providing a great resource to see which brands have created interest and uplift during the quarter. Prada and MiuMiu take up the top two spots, followed by Moncler, Valentino, and Loewe.

The way in which the Lyst index is calculated is a black box – however the website mentions:

The formula behind The Lyst Index considers Lyst shoppers' behavior, including searches on and off platform, product views and sales. To track brand and product heat, the formula also incorporates social media mentions, activity, and engagement statistics worldwide, over a three-month period.

Is it possible to look at a comparable list for China? What would be the big differences? While we cannot replicate the Lyst methodology, we can calculate a ranking based on social media mentions, activity, and engagement across the key digital platforms in China – WeChat, Weibo, XiaoHongShu and Douyin.

Therefore, we can introduce the COMPASS China Luxury Index for Q1 2023:

The COMPASS China Luxury Index

Dior clocks in at the top spot, with Louis Vuitton just behind after over taking Gucci which was previously at number 2 in Q4.

‍Prada comes in at 5, a little lower than the Lyst placing

Christian Louboutin, Michael Kors and Marni made strong surges to break into the top 10 with their performance in Q1.

LYST Index Comparison

The list of brands between COMPASS and Lyst are not the same (for instance, COMPASS does not track Nike) – it is also interesting to compare our rankings:

MiuMiu clocked at #2 on Lyst but is found down in 37th place just above Zegna. The brand has a significantly smaller presence in China compared to Prada who appears in the Top Ten for both Q4 2022 and Q1 2023 in both lists

Moncler clocked in at #3, and while it broke our top ten in Q4 2022, a quieter Q1 in China saw it drop down 20+ places

Bottega Veneta also shows a significant index difference – thanks in large part to its recent relaunch onto Chinese social media – expect the brand to rise going into Q2 as it reconnects with its audience

Perhaps the least surprising in the last is the significant difference between Dolce & Gabbana globally and in China. The brand has yet to overcome the marketing missteps in the region and has dropped out of the conversation as a result

Gucci is the only brand that appears higher in the COMPASS index than the Lyst index. While the brand has been showing signs of losing relevance over the past year, it is still a strong forefront runner and synonymous with luxury in China

Which brands do you think might break into the Q22023 Top 10? Are there any surprises in our rankings or the difference versusLyst? Reach out today to start a conversation.

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