LANVIN - The Brand that Won October

Post by 
Thomas Piachaud
November 9, 2022
It is no surprise that Lanvin has topped the overall luxury brand rankings this month.
 The timing of the Lanvin's activities could not have been more fortuitous, coinciding with the build up to the Double Eleven festival. With the 2023 Spring/Summer Fashion shown kicking things off in early October - helping to further attract Chinese audiences with an official livestream. 

The show was further enhanced through celebrity collaborations across multiple fashion magazines - 高卿尘 was featured by VW magazine, 唐诗逸 was featured by ELLE, and 庆怜 was featured by StarShow. 

However, the key moment came with the announcement of 成毅 (ChengYi) as the Lanvin spokesperson - with a feature in Esquire Fine magazine which was the most engaged post of the month for the brand across all platforms.

Through all the uplift in engagement across social media, the general buzz around Lanvin as a brand led it to rise the rankings on all different platforms.

On Baidu, more consumers were searching for the brand. Both brand and user generated content spiked on Weibo. More users were searching for the brand and mentioning the brand within the WeChat ecosystem. However perhaps the most impressive performance came from XiaoHongShu, where the brand moved up 42 places in our ranking in Brand Generated Content to take the number one spot.

While marketing performance is an important metric to understand how brands are engaging with the audience, a more tangible measure of success is sales performance.

Lanvin's TMall flagship store has averaged a net sales revenue of around 4M RMB from the start of the year until September. The revenue in October saw an estimated fivefold increase to approximately 20M RMB.

Much of the success was driven by a single SKU -the scarf with Lanvin logo. However, we also see success from other product categories such as shoes, clothing, and bags.

Four of the top SKUs offered discounts during the 11.11 pre-sales period (as show in brackets in the below image), however interesting the PencilBox 155, priced at 15,500 RMB came in fourth without any specific discounts - the bag was one of the key products featured in the ChengYi magazine post as per above.

Needless to say, that Lanvin is a prime example of combining the right timing, the right marketing support and the right merchandising strategy to capture significant revenue uplift on eCommerce and beyond.

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