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China Luxury

Chaumet follows Tiffany onto TMall

In the space of just one week, Chaumet has followed sister brand Tiffany onto the TMall platform
January 4, 2024
China Luxury

Tiffany Launches TMall Flagship Store

The newer kid on the block of LVMH Watch & Jewelry opens up their flagship TMall store
December 28, 2023
China Luxury

How celebrities are driving luxury brand sales in China

Does teaming up with big name celebrities in China really help drive sales?
November 30, 2023
China Luxury

11.11 - Festival Learnings

How were brands driving growth during Double Eleven in China?
November 9, 2023
China Luxury

11.11 - Pre Sales Learnings

11.11 used to be a sprint, but now it’s a marathon. How did the pre-sales period of the Double Eleven shopping festival shape up in terms of brand trends?
November 1, 2023