In China, social video e-commerce even penetrates into the sales of agriculture products

It is said 2019 China’s 11.11 festival cemented the official arrival of short video as the key player onto the central stage of e-commerce extravaganza.
November 14, 2019

China luxury platform Secoo uses authentication technology to fight counterfeits

Checking luxury authenticity might be a good way to generate new traffics or increase customer engagement to your independent e-commerce.
November 6, 2019

DTC Footwear Startups Jostle to be the Allbirds of China

Allbirds, the San Fransico-based, eco-friendly, Leonardo DiCaprio invested, DTC sneaker startup forayed into China in April this year, with the presence of a brick&mortar in Shanghai plus e-commerce on Alibaba.
September 3, 2019

L’Oréal is taking back the control of its e-commerce operations in China

Recently it is said Beauty Giant L’Oréal is severing the ties with a local e-commerce solution provider called “Lily Beauty” which has been operating Maybelline flagship store on behalf of L’Oréal on Alibaba’s Tmall for the past 8 years.
August 8, 2019

Who will be the Ruler of the booming Southeast Asia digital economy?

Southeast Asia is the new territory of “Gold Rush” for its burgeoning digital economy.
July 25, 2019